Stripey Bump Love

August 20, 2015


Whew, you guys...I worked a ten hour patient day yesterday and this mommy is worn the hell out! Thank goodness today is my Friday cause I need to rest, relax and let my feet and ankles get back to a somewhat normal size.

 I should have known my love for all things striped would carry over to my maternity style, like this top for instance. Horizontal stripes are all over every maternity store I have browsed in, which is ironic considering they are supposed to make you look the biggest. Until maternity stores figure out a way to make you look slimmer during pregnancy I will continue to wear stripes. 

DSCN4967 DSCN4973 DSCN4970 DSCN4968
Old Navy maternity jeans (click here to purchase), Old Navy top via Poshmark (click here for similar), Charlotte Russe sandals (click here for similar), Francesca's necklace (click here for similar), Old Navy hat

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