Clothing Swap, Day One Outfit

November 3, 2010

Back in September I volunteered to participate in Mad Dress Game's Clothing Swap! What's better than getting a package of clothes delivered in the mail to play dress up in for a month or so...nothing! Unless you got to keep all the clothing but alas I have to ship them back to the rightful owner.

The rightful owner and person I got paired to "swap" with is Liz from LizzyPunch! I was excited to share her clothes due to her playful and laid back approach she takes to fashion and she did not disappoint! It was like Christmas when I opened her package and looked at all the goodies she had shipped me along with two presents I get to keep for good...thanks Liz!!

Today I decided on a skirt from Liz as my inspiration and created my office appropriate look around it. This skirt reminded me of fall due to the colors so I grabbed an ivory top and a cardigan (what else is new)and my new patterned tights for fun and away I went!

LizzyPunch skirt via clothing swap

The Limited shirt

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Forever 21 necklace

Charlotte Russe tights (click here to purchase)

Boots an oldie but a goodie


  1. i <3 textured tights! i have some argyle ones from NY & Co. My FAVES! oh, and the necklace = AWESOME.

  2. The patterned tights and the skirt looked so perfect together... I love how you styled the skirt. Have a great day Ashley! xoxo

  3. Love the look! I've never worn it like that but you're giving me ideas :)

  4. This is awesome! I love the tights with that skirt!

  5. The swap sounds like such a fun idea! I like the textured tights, great pairing.


  6. PLease put all of these things you are wearing in my closet right now! I've really been wanting to put together a swap but I'm a little intimidated on where to start...any ideas?

  7. cute tights, I need to start embracing coy tights :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today, yours is equally cute!

  8. I absolutely love this outfit on you! The skirt and tights and top and jacket.... okay everything is totally perfect. I can't pick just one favorite!

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  9. I almost bought a pair of textured tights today! I should have after seeing how fab yours look...

  10. LLLLLLLove it !!!!!


  11. Love it! I'm glad the swap is working out for y'all. :)

  12. this outfit is so cute! love it so much!

  13. Well done on styling your swap item... it looks so pulled-together.


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