In A Shoe Rut!

July 26, 2011

I NEED to pull myself out of my flat sandals rut. I have been wearing a variation of this casual shoe like crazy as seen here, here, here and here. I have an entire mini collection of heels and I am not taking advantage of that I have confessed to all of you maybe I can wean myself off my new favorite style of shoes and hop back into my stiletto's.

Charlotte Russe sandals

Ann Taylor Loft dress and cardigan

Hive & Honey necklace via


  1. I would try a wedge espadrille to get you back into the swing of things! Those sandals are so cute!

  2. Enjoy the flat sandals while you can! Soon enough, summer will be gone and then you can go back to the stilettos! =)

  3. with that in mind...what size do you wear? I've been weeding out my shoe collection and have some beauties to share. Jus sayin :)
    Flats are great in the summer though. I think Capital Barbie is right, a summer wedge can totally bring you out of the rut.

  4. I've been reaching for my flat sandals a lot more recently too.. so this whole work week I've decided to wear heels. Third day in a row, so far so good... LOL!

  5. It's not a rut! I think summer is all about sandals because (unless you're in San Diego) =P you can't wear them year round =)


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