Apple Cake Tea Room

June 4, 2015


 I was off yesterday but I went out to eat with my mother-in-law and this is what I wore. She took me to a spot I have never been to in Knoxville, Apple Cake Tea Room, and it was the cutest little restaurant and very girly. The menu consisted of little finger sandwiches with good ole fashioned Ruffles chips and they served the smallest apple muffins at every table.  It's a rarity that after 18 years in Knoxville I still have restaurants that I have not tried out...I will definitely be back.

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Old Navy maternity capris (click here to purchase ON SALE), Target thong sandals (click here for similar), Loft cardigan, Francesca's earrings, Charlotte Russe polka dot top, Forever 21 purse

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