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February 26, 2010

If you have never heard of Ruche before... you are missing out on some FABULOUS clothes! It is an online boutique with a vintage feel to it and best of all it's affordable:)

They even have eco-friendly clothing and accessories so you can help the environment while you shop, now that's what I'm talkin bout!!!!

Here are some cutie little cuties that Ruche has to offer-

Jump On The Nautical Boat This Season!!

February 25, 2010

Many celebs like Eva Mendes and Olivia Palermo have been out and about sportin the nautical look this season. It's just fab, you think?

I love how each women looks so crisp and pulled together and while Eva rocks a more timeless look, Olivia adds trendy accessories like her necklace, purse and shoes to complete her look. What are you waiting for!!! Jump on these nautical looks for less now!!!

Attack Of The Extra Weight!

February 24, 2010

My worst nightmare is officially coming true!!! I am actually GAINING weight instead of losing it right in time for bathing suit season!!!

There are a couple things I have been doing in my everyday wardrobe to hopefully hide those unwanted pounds. My "go-to" outfit has been for the most part a dress, tall boots and a longer cardigan but with warmer weather just around the corner I am gonna have to find some other options...and fast!

Life & Style Weekly states,
By showing leg, a short fitted cut helps offset weight around the middle.
Which if you think about it, that little sentence makes a TON of sense. A poor fit DOES actually make you look bigger so go for the fitted cut people!!!

Here are some great choices for fitted summer dresses and GOODBYE Whoppers and HELLO Weight Watchers for me:(

The Nude Trend-Naughty or Nice

February 23, 2010

Nudes have been coming up alot lately this season and I mean nude clothing...geez!! (Get your mind outta the gutter)

Most of the runway shows have been featuring the trend with multiple layers, alot of the same pale color palettes or in sheer fabrics. Is nude the way to go this season?

Lulu's is LOVELY!!!!!

I just lust after so much stuff at and you will too once you see how cute everything is! I love that they add new pieces every single day(they really, truly do...I check believe me) and most of the stuff is really trendy and not that pricey.

I think this stuff deserves a night out on the town if not on me... on you:)

The Monday BLUES!!!!!!

February 19, 2010

I have the Monday blues....the chambray blues that is!!! I have been seeing the cutest chambray stuff lately and I am LOVIN it all. In case you do not know chambray is
a lightweight clothing fabric with colored warp and white filling yarns
which that definition doesn't mean doodles to me but the finished products sure do look pretty:)

"Just Keep Swimmin, Swimmin, Swimmin"

February 18, 2010

My pal Nemo came up with quite a catchy song about the water but Nemo...YOU NEVER HAD TO WEAR A FREAKIN SWIMSUIT!!!

I like shopping for bathing suits, now don't get me wrong, I didn't say I liked the way I looked in a bathing suit BUT I do like shopping for them:)

I have seriously spent hours online searching for swimsuit websites besides the commonly known Victoria's Secret blah blah blah. I love their swim selection by the way, I just like keeping my options open. I did get this swimsuit from Vic's Secret this year and I ADORE IT. The top is perfect for big breasted gals like me and the bottoms are really cute too!

So onto new swimsuit websites and KUDOS for keeping your options open readers.

The first two,, and, let you shop by brand, offers special sizes, and you can purchase your tops and bottoms separate.

Another one,, let's you search by price(which is always good). What a really cute one piece...

I also really like even though it does have some pricier swimwear on it, it has a lot of sale items too! I cannot go onto this site very often because I always find myself slinging money in it's general direction. Ummm, hello lovers..

Then there are the websites that always surprise you with what they, looking goooooooooood!

Finally, another fabulous surprise and the best deals yet! Way to bring it home Walmart!!

Working For The Weekend

February 17, 2010

I don't know about you but I am one of those people who set the alarm, hit snooze, get up and get ready and zoom off to work barely making it to the office on time! (I like my sleep mmmmmm-kay!!)

That being said, I need clothing that I can just throw on and don't have to THINK much about when I am half-asleep, passed out while standing up taking a shower. I am all about getting dolled up on the weekends but my weekday mornings are mostly about rush, rush...totally off the subject but remember that Paula Abdul song!

This website has alot of great dresses and separate's that have that
I took HOURS getting ready today but really only spent about 20 minutes getting dressed look:)
I like that it offers a Womens, Mens and Baby Boden shop (you never even have to leave the house and you can take care of the whole family...NICEEEEEEEE!)

I like this jersey knit dress for work with this bag and these shoes and BINGO a perfectly put together outfit for work! (I love this dress just because!)

Look how precious the mini Boden babies are, awwwww mush!

The Floral Trend- Yay or Not Your Pocket Full of Posies

I love flowers...getting them, sending them, running through huge fields of them while the wind flies through my hair(okay that hasn't really happened but it would be cool).

Soooo, I was pretty excited when I saw one of the big trends for this season was florals. I have seen some really cute and really crazy patterns so you be the judge-is the floral trend a yay or nay?

Victoria's Secret Floral Cami (click here)

Arden B Floral Print Dress (click here)

ASOS Floral Skirt (click here)

Tracy Reese One Shoulder Floral Dress (click here)

dELiAs Floral Knit Dress (click here)

Thanks MOM

February 16, 2010

I just received an e-mail from my mom with a link to a website I have never heard of's called DejaVu and I am sooooo excited!

Things you need to understand about me:

1. I heart dresses, both long and short and my closet is cram packed full of them and I cannot stop the addiction!!!!!

2. I like the look of handmade stuff like someone from Etsy took hours sewing it but I am actually still paying Target or Forever 21 prices. More about Etsy later...I love that freakin website.

3. I like a website that just throws the good news out this instance, clothing for all body types, I LOVE IT! I am not a size 2, 4 or 6 for that matter so that little teeny sentence really appeals to me.

4. Two Words--PERSONAL SHOPPER say what!!!! Not only is that the job I want when I grow up but if it is free advice I will take it in a heartbeat!!

So, the things I want from DejaVu are here, and here and this one oh yeah this one and well you get the point!!! Happy Shopping:)

In Case You Were Wondering

February 15, 2010

Hi! I'm Ashley and I love, love, love to shop!

I am super sad to say that I don't have a gazillion dollars to spend on clothing so I mostly window shop or stare longingly at websites for hours when I am supposed to be working my real job. Hence...why this blog was created. I like finding and sharing cool websites with my friends and creating "looks for less" on a budget I can work with.

One time in college my best friend and I opened a ton of credit cards in our names and racked up a couple thousand dollars in credit card debt. That was my best and worst shopping experience by far!!!! I finally understood what it felt like to be Jessica Simpson just going from store to store buying whatever I wanted but unlike her I didn't have the money to back it up. Soooooo, we admitted what we had done to our parents and since we were just naive freshman both K and I's parents helped us pay off the debt and never again! (I am proud to say that both of our finances are currently under control).

Anyways...I got wayyyyy off topic. I love that feeling of buying something new for a perfect occasion or coming home from work and seeing a package on your doorstep waiting for you and knowing what it is and racing upstairs with scissors to open the box in the guest bedroom so your hubs doesn't see that you ordered something online (again) and start trying on your new clothes. Well, that's what happened to me last night anyways:)

I ordered some clothes from the website ASOS and if you have never been it's fabulous and you must go now!!

It has moderately priced clothes from the ASOS line (which were all the things I purchased) up to some super cute pricier items that I have dreams about. I have warm weather on the brain so I have only been purchasing "springy" items. Anywho, these are the items I got for myself in hopes of wearing them sooner rather than later....YOU HEAR ME MOTHER NATURE!?!?!?

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