Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Chain Gang

When I originally bought this dress I thought I would be using it as a bathing suit cover up this summer but it turns out I can wear it to the office as well. I wanted to "toughen" up the dress and did so by piling on multiple necklaces and wearing my pointiest heels and by pointy I mean, if I kick you...it's gonna hurt.

I bought these Nine West heels for just $29.99 at my local Marti & Liz shoe store (holla)! When I saw them on the rack I ran over to them and then started whizzing around the store with them on. That store brings me such happiness which is why I pop in about once a week to see all the new merchandise. I wish I could live in there....my inner shopaholic rather likes that idea.

Boston Proper dress (click here to purchase)

Nine West heels purchased at Marti & Liz

Forever 21 black pendant necklace

The Limited belt

Jewelscapes multi-strand necklaces (click here to purchase)


  1. I have totally worn a bathing suit cover up as an outfit before, like mutliple times, not all successfully... but I love these stripes!

    Also, JEALOUS of those shoes! and your necklace is out of control awesome.
    So yeah, I love everything, haha :)

  2. She hits it out of the park, again! I'm so glad you ventured to try this dress for office-wear, because it really works! I like how you added the extras to make more of an outfit out of it. You look stunning, as usual!

  3. Awesome deal on the shoes! It is awesome that you're getting so much wear out of this dress. A bathing suit cover up and a dress for work? On nice days, just wear your bathing suit under it and drive strait to the pool when you're done haha

  4. I love that you spent $98 dollars ON A POTENTIAL SWIMSUIT COVER UP!! :)

    Very cute tho!!

  5. I would have never been able to tell that was a beach cover up....and those shoes are just killer!

  6. A bathing suit cover up?? No Way! I love it just how you styled it. You look great. I also love those necklaces.


  7. I love this, great accessorizing! The shoes are perfect. I think I could wear those everyday. :)

  8. I did some major shopping damage at Nine West a few weeks ago, and I think now it is my new favorite store! Btw, I just received your bag, and I love it! I can't wait to start using it soon :)

  9. I've totally got a weakness for a cute striped dress, and i love how you've styled it!
    Also, $30 for nine west heels? Score!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. CUTE dress. It doesn't look like a cover up! And those shoes are FIERCE!!

  11. Just seeing your blog. I am all about stripes lately, and everyone needs a pair of serious shoes!

  12. What a versatile dress! Love this look.

  13. Ah I love that black pendant necklace! I love the layered necklaces in general, and that dress deserves more outings than just the pool so I'm glad you're showing it some office love. Looks awesome.

  14. Loving the heels. Super sexy!


  15. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading! This is a GREAT outfit, love it. I also added a link to this post over at my Jewelscapes Facebook Fan Page! Thanks for wearing your Jewelscapes so beautifully!!(just let me know when you wear your Jewelscapes and I'll link the fan page to the post:)


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