These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

September 30, 2010

Okay, it's official...I busted out my cowboy boots (actually all my boots) and I am ready to wear the heck outta them!! I never know the exact time that I can start wearing tall boots without people thinking I look out of season and when open toe shoes need to be put away. Instead of watching others and quietly waiting to be a fashion follower, I took it upon myself and declared it time.

I ordered this dress from a Etsy shop called GinaMicheleNY. (her shop is down right now so that's why you don't get the link)I thought it would be a good piece to wear in summer but also pair it with a long sweater for fall/winter. The fabric is vintage and one of a kind and it's a pull on style so no buttons or zippers to mess with. Anyone that has been reading my blog for a while knows I like comfort pieces so this dress is a perfect find for me!

GinaMicheleNY dress from

New York & Company belt

Steve Madden cowboy boots

Forever 21 necklace

Purse Giveaway Winner!!!

September 29, 2010

I am so sorry I am so lame...I completely forgot to draw a winner for the purse giveaway until right now! Please forgive me and I will never be a slacker again!!!

Congrats to Amanda P. who wrote, " Super cute and just my size! Love a purse that doesn't swallow all 5 feet of me:("

Shades of Brown and Tan

Do you ever pile on various shades of one color trying to create an outfit until... works? Well that is what happened when I put together this outfit for work after trying on like 7 different shades of brown and tan.

I have been waiting to wear this long sweater until the weather got a little cooler and used the necklace to tie it all together. My sister-in-law made each one of her bridesmaids one of these necklaces to wear with our dresses on her and my brother's wedding day and I can honestly say I have gotten tons of use out of it. I also whipped out my vintage purse, one of my many eBay purchases, because it went with the color scheme!

New York & Company skirt

Modcloth long sweater

Nine West pumps

Ann Taylor belt

Vintage purse

Target t-shirt

Necklace gifted by sister-in-law

Rainy Blah, Blah...

September 28, 2010

I hate to get dressed when I know it's supposed to be a yucky, rainy day! Your shoes get all wet, your hair falls all flat and the overall mood of most people is all depressing. I normally do not wear anything new when I know the weather calls for rain...true story! I like to hoard all my purchases for special events, weekends or at least sunny skies.

I have had this New York & Company dress for about 2 or 3 years now and still pull it out every now and again. I originally bought it for my 27th or 28th birthday party and wore it with tall boots but since the weather is still confused if it wants to be fall or summer I put on nude pumps. (I just thought the last picture was funny because the camera caught me off guard!!)

New York & Company dress

Fashion Bug long necklace pumps

Target earrings

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

September 27, 2010

What a fabulous weekend I had with my friends and family! Chelsea Handler was hilarious on Friday night and I had a great group of friends that I enjoyed the show with as well as the after party we created back at the hotel.

On Saturday night hubs and I had a wedding to attend in my hometown and it was a blast! Every time I go home and see all of my family and my friends it makes me miss living there so much more. On the way back to Knoxville yesterday I was talking to hubs about moving back home (like I always do after a weekend there) and he reminded me that the closest Forever 21 and Ann Taylor Loft was 45 minutes away and then I remembered why I liked living in a bigger town! Maybe someday...

Here is what I wore to the wedding Saturday night!

Fashion Bug dress (click here to buy)

Nine West heels bought at Marti & Liz

Fashion Bug necklace

Target earrings

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho...

September 24, 2010

"Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's off to CHELSEA HANDLER we go!!!!" You have noooooo idea how pumped up I am about seeing Chelsea Handler live tonight! (fist pump, fist pump) Me and 22 of my closest friends are Nashville, TN bound and witnessing live the female comedian, talk show host and author.

Chelsea is one of those people who either you love or love to hate. She swears like a sailor, she refers to her coslopus like it is an actual person and she named her overweight dog Chunk for gosh sakes! Strangely enough...I find her very refreshing. She is not afraid to tell it like it is, she is funny as hell and she would definitely be one of those friends that would tell you if you had food in your teeth or if those jeans made your butt look big. I just hope she doesn't find people in the audience to make fun of!!!

New York & Company pants

Target chambray shirt

Dillards belt

Earrings gifted from my friend Devon

Target leopard ballet flats

Matters Of The Heart

September 23, 2010

Last weekend something happened that really put my life into prospective and made me appreciate what I have that much more.

I have a job that provides me with money to live on and insurance if I get sick. I have a home that provides a roof over my head and a great place to start a family. I have friends that will always be there when I need them to lean vent to if things are bad and will be happy for me if something wonderful happens. I have my family that will support me in everything I do...that will unconditionally love me and that I will unconditionally love in return. I have my husband that I recently found out I love more that I even knew I could and we have a future together that I look forward to being a long and healthy one.

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching"

Forever 21 dress

Nine West belt

New York & Company shirt

Nine West pumps

Necklace- oldie but a goodie

One Of Those Days...

September 22, 2010

I had bought this shirt online at Charlotte Russe because of the baby bit of sparkle that it had on the front and we all know that sparkles are all the rage this season! This morning when I was standing in the closet trying to decide what creative outfit to put on...I drew a blank! I panicked and then realized I didn't want to put any effort into picking jewelry to pull the outfit together or adding a belt to complete a look. I wanted to just grab a shirt that I know would look okay with black pants and simply walk out the front door.

Some days I love fashion more than anything in the world but some days I just want to put on the first thing I see and call it a you ever feel like that?

Charlotte Russe top (click here to purchase)

Target pants

Target silver cuff

Stella & Dot earrings (click here to purchase)


September 21, 2010

I love to read and do it often. My favorite present from my parents so far has been my Amazon Kindle in which I use (almost) every day. There is something so calming about reading and I love getting lost in a character's life when I find a great story that captures my attention.

With that being said I thought I would start a recommended reading section in the blog in case anyone is ever looking for great books to read! I will post two recommended books a month for anyone that is interested and the first book is written by a true Southern gem named Celia Rivenbark! The book I just finished reading is called, "You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning" and the entire book is hilarious!! You cannot get tired of this book because it is a collection of essays so every chapter is about something equally funny. Here are some of the topics she covers:

  • Why Miss North Carolina is too nice to hate

  • Sex every night for a year? How do you wrap that?

  • Airlines serving up one hot mess

  • Action figure Jesus

  • How Gwyneth Paltrow wants to improve your pathetic life

Boho Vibes...

September 20, 2010

I first saw this necklace on 9 to 5 Chic's blog and knew I must have it!! It was a HUGE bonus that it is from Forever 21 and affordable. I felt like it had a bohemian vibe to it and took it one step further by pairing it with a maxi dress. Of course I had to add the cardigan for work (stupid dress code) and decided to add a belt to cinch in the waistline and voila...ready for the day!!

Most of my favorite shoes are starting back this week (House, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives) so thank God for TIVO or I would be a complete couch potato. Happy TV Premiere Week to all of the TV heads out there!

Target maxi dress

Forever 21 necklace (click here to purchase)

Kohl's black pumps

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Nine West belt

How About A Muumuu...Sweater

September 17, 2010

I have a packed out weekend ahead and couldn't be more excited about it! Tonight my fabulous mom is coming into town along with a couple other friends (hi Jobey) to watch University of Tennessee play the Florida Gators on Saturday. On Sunday hubs and I are heading to Nashville and meeting up with the rest of my family to watch the Titans play the Steelers.

Good Times.

I know what you are thinking and no, I am not a football junkie BUT I do love me some tailgating!! What's better than being in the middle of all the game day action surrounded by food, beer and getting to boo all the other teams fans when they are on your home turf? Absolutely nothing...that's what I say! See ya on Monday after my weekend filled with football and family fun, fun, fun!

Don't forget to enter my Closet Clean-Out Giveaway this week!!!

Forever 21 sweater

New York & Company pants

The Limited t-shirt

Dillards belt

Nine West shoes

Charlotte Russe earrings

What Color Is This Shirt??

September 16, 2010

You would think I know the color of my shirt today but I have no freakin clue! I thought it was tan but in some lighting it looks dusty pink BUT hubs thinks it is gray (obviously colorblind) so let me know what you think. Also, this necklace was a great vintage looking find at Charlotte Russe...they have some great jewelry in right now so check it out!

We found out yesterday that our laptop has bit the dust...and it will cost over 300 dollars to get it repaired! They said the screen is broken and that is the 2nd most expensive thing to fix on a computer with the keyboard coming in first just in case you ever need that info for trivia or something! The only good news to come out of this is that I get to shop for a new computer. I will keep everyone posted...

Charlotte Russe necklace

Ann Taylor Loft shirt

Target pinstriped pants (click here to purchase)

Nine West pumps

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