Paisley Strapless Dress...

July 29, 2011

This is definitely a dress I would wear out to dinner or drinks with friends but I decided to wear it to work even though it is on the shorter side. Since it's Friday I also decided to put on my gold flat sandals because sometimes a girl just wants to be comfortable.

I will resume the high heel wearing on Monday and try to make it all week without relapsing like today.

Forever 21 dress(click here to purchase)

Charlotte Russe sandals

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Stella & Dot ring (click here to purchase)

Earrings bought in a Florida shop on vacay

Tribal Print

July 28, 2011

Sorry I didn't post any outfit pics yesterday but believe me-you wouldn't have wanted to see what I looked like! I was off work and was pretty lazy ( I think I watched an entire season of Project Runway) and did some chores....I lead such a glamorous life.

Look who has on something other than flats today, everyone should be so proud!

TJ Maxx top and purse

CAbi pants wedges

Stella & Dot earrings (click here to purchase)

In A Shoe Rut!

July 26, 2011

I NEED to pull myself out of my flat sandals rut. I have been wearing a variation of this casual shoe like crazy as seen here, here, here and here. I have an entire mini collection of heels and I am not taking advantage of that I have confessed to all of you maybe I can wean myself off my new favorite style of shoes and hop back into my stiletto's.

Charlotte Russe sandals

Ann Taylor Loft dress and cardigan

Hive & Honey necklace via

Old Navy Giftcard Giveaway WINNER

July 25, 2011

The winner of the $25.00 Old Navy giftcard is:

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Congrats to Terri of Peace, Love &Applesauce and be sure to check out her cute blog! I will email you shortly and get this giftcard in the mail to ya!

What I Got This Week...

July 23, 2011

This week I have been yearning for (and bought most of it):

1. After watching the Jaycee Dugard interview with Diane Sawyer I have been obsessed ever since with the story. I just ordered A Stolen Life: A Memoir from and cannot wait to read it.

2. The most amazing cocktail ring and a pair of earrings inspired by a piece of lace.

3. The best summer drink that Starbucks has ever made....I love it!

4. I have decided I want to be one of "those people" that has fresh flowers in my house all the time. I went out and purchased bouquets of sunflowers, roses and daisy's and put them around various rooms and I cannot help but smile every time I walk by.

5. A perfect colorblocking does all the work for you!

I managed to get two pictures of my outfit before my camera battery died...have a great rest of the weekend.

Old Navy maxi dress

Ann Taylor cardigan

Nine West heels purchased at Marti & Liz

Stella & Dot earrings (click here to purchase)

Playing Dress Up Is Good For You!

July 21, 2011

I am really starting to like this Old Navy vest I randomly bought without even trying on as I was walking out of the store; see the first time I wore it here. I cannot wait to wear it with flared jeans and a flowy top when the heat finally starts to wind down.

After I planned my outfit I wanted to add a pop of color to all the muted tones so I pulled out my red flats that I have not worn one time this summer (sorry shoes). As soon as I got to work my co-worker told me that she really liked my necklace and when I told her it was actually two necklaces that I paired together...she looked at me in disbelief. These are the types of people that probably do not like to shop-the ones that do not think outside the box and don't realize the potential of mixing and matching all types of different items in your closet. If you have never played "dress-up" with your clothes, accessories or shoes-DO IT! A whole new closet full of options will open up for you if you put forth a small amount of effort.

Old Navy vest (click here to purchase)

Ann Taylor Loft skirt

New York & Company shirt and silver and pearl necklace

TJ Maxx belt

Gifted silver long strand necklace

Audrey Brooke flats purchased at Marti & Liz

Hot Pink and Florals

July 20, 2011

Wow-remind me never to wear skinny jeans again in the middle of July! It feels perfectly fine in my office but I step outside for my lunch break and about burst into flames it has been so hot here lately. I would wear my bathing suit all day, everyday if I could AND if I looked amazing in it (which I don't so I do not have to worry about that).

Six more days until a winner is picked for the Old Navy giftcard could be you!

Kohl's top

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

CAbi skinny jeans

Zappos Bandolino wedges (click here to purchase)

Earrings oldie but a goodie

Tuesday Style...

July 19, 2011

Wow, I feel like I have not blogged in forever but really it's only been a couple of days! I went out of town to visit my family for the weekend and had a fabulous time. We shopped, had a pool day and cookout and most importantly I got to see my beautiful baby niece and play with her. I needed yesterday to play "catch-up" since I have been gone since last Thursday and had to do boring stuff like run errands, laundry and oh yeah...go back to work.

Don't forget to enter the Old Navy giftcard giveaway, you still have one week before I pick a winner!

Ann Taylor Loft dress

The Limited belt

Claire's earrings

Ann Taylor Loft jacket

Zappos Bandolino wedges (click here to purchase)

What Do "Teen" Stores Mean To YOU?

July 14, 2011

I know many people my age shy away from shopping at stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 because both stores do tend to target teens and women in the early 20's but I just cannot stay away. They have current and trendy clothing for very affordable prices so I do not feel like any money is wasted if a tribal print top I buy only last one season.

You have to be willing to dig around, which I don't mind at all, to find hidden gems in big retail stores like those. Take my zipper top for instance...this is an outfit I wore to work (yesterday) and it's sleeveless so I would wear it out on the town and can cover up with a cardigan to make it more office friendly. If you have not checked these stores out in a might just surprise yourself with what you find.

Charlotte Russe sleeveless top ( click here to purchase)

Target flats

Kohl's skirt

World Market necklace

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Two for One...

July 13, 2011

Since I am hosting an Old Navy giveaway, click here to enter, I figured I should show off some of the cute clothes they have right now in the store...and online! Now-I got creative with this maxi skirt I wore a couple of weeks ago and made it a tube dress today for work and added the cardigan to look more professional, even though I am still pretty casual for most offices. I added my Forever 21 necklace to "dress it up" and my gold flats because working in a doctor's office has me walking all day long...the first couple of weeks I kept wearing really high heels and had to learn the hard way.

Old Navy skirt (click here to purchase-on sale!)

Charlotte Russe flats (click here for smiliar pair)

Forever 21 necklace

Old Navy cardigan (click here to purchase-on sale!)
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