Halloween Edition!!!

October 29, 2010

I think everyone should dress up for Halloween no matter your age! It is so fun to cut lose every once in a while no matter how straight laced and serious you are. On that note, I cannot wait for Halloween!!!

We have a party to attend on Saturday, October 30th which also happens to be my little sisters birthday. While I will not reveal my costume until after the party I thought it would be fun to show some of my past costumes and also some of my friends outfits I have seen along the way. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

The entire crew out for Halloween

Me as Alice in Wonderland, a Geisha Girl and a Baseball Player

Me and the Captain Morgan Pirate

Superwomen, Me and a Egyptian

A Flapper, me and a Egyptian

Me and Little Red Riding Hood

Me and Amy Winehouse

And now for my TOP 4 FAVORITES!!!

Tampax and Aunt Flow

A Cowgirl and her Cow

My brother and his best friend as Dumb and Dumber

Me as Jackie O, Mom as a Go Go Girl and my little sister borrowing my Alice costume

Rainy Week...

October 28, 2010

It has been so gross and rainy this entire week that when my boss suggested I take an hour and a half lunch I knew exactly where to spend my time...the mall! Going shopping makes me feel better and cheers me up when I am sad, depressed, happy, bored...well you get the picture! Bottom line-I can always find a excuse to go shop!

First and only stop of the day was Forever 21. That and Target are the only places where you can buy like 8 pieces of clothing for under $200.00 bucks. Yes, clothes at Forever 21 are not "investment pieces" but they are trendy and I love going there to pick up current fashion items because they are affordable and I won't be out a lot of money when they are on the miss list in next month's Lucky magazine.

Forever 21 shirt

Ann Taylor Loft skirt

Cole Haan booties from Marti & Liz

Francesca's Collection necklace

Polka DOTS!!!

October 27, 2010

I heart polka dots...they make me so happy! I need to buy more polka dot clothing like this cutie tank. Just thought ya'll should know...

When I bought these rose colored slacks I seriously thought I would wear them all the time but I have had problems pairing them with stuff in my closet. I mean... black, white and beige are no brainers but what other colors would look cute with them...I am at a total loss so I need ideas!!!

On a different note, did anyone else watch Glee last night? I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I thought Glee's version was great so I may have to rent the 1975 original movie over the weekend to compare.

Forever 21 tank top and necklace

J Crew tuxedo cardigan

Ann Taylor Loft pants

Anne Klein shoes purchased at Marti & Liz

Kohl's pearl earrings

Tuesday Morning...

October 26, 2010

So sorry about missing an outfit post yesterday...I really do feel guilty!! I just couldn't get out of bed Monday morning to save my life and in turn it caused a nasty clothing decision on my part and just didn't need to see that!

I needed a day to recover after the weekend I had. My entire family was in town so we were on the go constantly all weekend long. We shopped for new furniture for the condo on Friday during my lunch break then went to a nice dinner that night AND Chris Lambton from this season's The Bachelorette was there!!! All the girls in the restaurant were swooning and he is mighty good looking in person if I say so myself.

eBay vintage dress shoes

Fizz Boutique belt

Forever 21 purse

New York & Company necklace

All That Glitters...

October 22, 2010

I kindda have a fashion crush on this skirt! I was browsing in Forever 21 the other day and just happen to pick it up thinking just what I need, another black work skirt. When I tried it on I fell in lust with the ruffle detail on the side and the fact that it had a elastic waistband totally sealed the deal. By the way...I will SO be one of those little old ladies that wear elastic pants all the time when I get older.

So, what do you guys think about sequins at work? I have seen so many other bloggers recently wearing glitter to the work place that I jumped on the bandwagon! I have not worn this sequin top since New Year's Eve because when I think of sequins I think about New Year's, the Las Vegas party scene, etc. but it is becoming quite the trend so what the heck. I kind of like the way the overall outfit turned out and as long as I tone the sequins down and don't walk into work one day looking like a over sized disco ball this is one trend I will sporting more of!

(Head down to avoid the camera is obviously my new favorite pose)

Forever 21 skirt

The Limited cardigan

Burlington Coat Factory sequin tank

Nine West heels purchased at TJ Maxx

Skinny belt came with a dress I bought awhile ago

Forever 21 earrings

Gray Is The New Brown!!!

October 21, 2010

So this morning I was going about my normal routine of getting ready for work. You know the drill...
  • Put makeup on to appear presentable for work

  • Dry hair

  • Brush hair into place after drying it with my head upside down in between my legs (for volume of course)

WHAAAAAAAA!!!!! I do a double take in the mirror because I could have sworn I saw A.Gray.Hair. I scramble up to the bathroom mirror so close my face is almost touching and start pawing through my head trying to find the stupid hair that has undoubtedly buried itself to hide under my thick mane. I sit there, perched, combing through my hair FOREVER until I realized I was gonna be late to work unless I get outta my (now) rat's nest of hair. I never found the sneaky strand and it could have been one of my highlighted pieces that caught the light way wrong or is it true...could I be getting old??

Falling for Fall!!!

October 20, 2010

I have decided that I am in love with the fall season! The weather is perfect, the leaves are changing and everyone has the cutest Halloween decorations up. Hubs and I didn't go all out this year because we are invited to a party and will not be home to hand out candy but I did add some pumpkins to spice things up and get in the Halloween spirit.

This dress was one of my fall favorites because of the colors and the tribal looking print. Since it is a tube dress I layered it with a cardigan and the most ethnic jewelry I could find that matched. I tried on numerous shoes and for some reason this outfit just looked straight up weird with heels so my black cowboy boots won out in the end!

Francesca's Collection dress (click here to purchase)

The Limited cardigan

Burlington Coat Factory boots

Necklace was a Christmas gift

Target wooden bracelets

Earrings I have had forever

Pretty Darn Cool...

October 19, 2010

I just thought this STYLEIT outfit planner was the coolest thing since sliced bread and had to share! How many of you plan out your outfits down to a tee before you go on vacations, on Sunday nights before your work week begins or even daily? Enter the STYLEIT outfit planner to assist you in planning out your outfit choices a day, week or even a month in advance.

Created by B. Jones Style who also has a blog you can check out here, each day is characterized by an underwear-clad STYLEIT girl and she is there for you to sketch your outfits and also write down everything from your earrings to your shoes. SUCH a cool idea...I just wish I had thought of it first!!!!

Bachelorette Party Madness!!!

October 18, 2010

I lost my camera Friday night for about 12 hours!!! I was taking pictures at the bachelorette party for my friend Carrie and asked some dumbo to take a pic of the whole crew which he did and when I asked for it back 3.4 seconds later he couldn't remember who he gave it to! Really, are sooooo cut off the booze buddy!!

That being said, it obviously turned up the next day (don't ask) so here are the coveted, almost lost pictures of my outfit! It was such a good time!

Dillards top

Frizz Boutique belt

TJ Maxx skinny jeans and heels

Earrings I have had forever

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